At Jigsaw Capital, we pride ourselves with being able to cover the full suite of services you will need, whether it is your project’s technological, community, marketing or branding needs. Projects we work with include utility token offerings and security token offerings.

Blockchain Technology Implementation

Jigsaw Capital provides the infrastructure, skills necessary to take your organization to the next level via blockchain technology, whether you are looking to assure your clients of the quality of your product, achieve a higher audit rating or market your product as a 0% and 100% trustable product, Jigsaw Capital is here to provide that technological edge.


Through the use of blockchain, companies can hope to improve it’s database security, be more transparent with its customers and instill more confidence in their company’s products with their clients.

At Jigsaw Capital, we are capable of customizing your blockchain using the following protocols:

Whether it’s a private chain, permissioned chain or public chain, we see to your needs and requirements, depending on your corporate needs, we will tailor the best program for your company.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Blockchain Technology is a way of organizing data but without a user interface, this way of organizing data cannot be presented to potential investors, clients and auditors to achieve higher marketing capabilities and audit grading standards.

Hence, at Jigsaw Capital, we are honoured to announce that our expert technological teams are more than capable of developing the user interface, a full suite ERP system for your blockchain! With the ERP system, then and only then will your company be able to fully capitalize on the magic of blockchain technology!


Project Community Management

Our team of specialized community managers are based in Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. These community managers aid in bringing value to your project by managing expectations of your community, performing tasks such as airdrops and engaging your audience.

Most importantly, they help to answer any questions that your initial audience may have. These gestures go a long way towards ensuring the continuity of your community and their interest in your project. More importantly community groups form an impeccable and indispensable part of your sales funnel when it comes to crowdfunding and the sale of your utility/security tokens.

Project Public Relations Management

Crafting the perfect story and image for your project will go a long way towards capturing the right audience and ensuring that the right kind of exposure happens for your project. Our expert teams help to publicize your project on media platforms, get your project’s representatives in front of the right crowd and we aim to establish your project’s representative as a key opinion leader and a subject matter expert.

These credentials will be crucial and paramount towards securing cornerstone investors and large venture capitalists. In addition, Jigsaw Capital has access to a network of ambassadors whom we can recommend as advisors for your project, acting as a further boost to your project’s credibility.


Project Social Media Management

Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram are just 3 of the many platforms which we can lend our professional aid in, in terms of helping to manage your social media audience.

These audiences are time-sensitive and they require almost daily updates to keep them in favour of your project.

Our professional team can bolster your social media presence through infographics, posters and colourful EDMs to make sure that your social media pages are never dull.

Initial Exchange Offering for Projects

IEO is one of the latest way to raise funds. In short, it basically means listing your coin first and then raising funds via the extensive client pool which the exchange has access to.

However, it can be difficult getting your coin listed on top exchanges which would provide the necessary liquidity for investors to buy and sell your token. We have direct linkages into these exchanges and specialize in making the necessary connections to facilitate this process. From crafting the right proposal, to meeting the criterion of the exchanges, we can handle all of them.

Our Partners


Project Marketing and Event Management

Looking to organize roadshows or seminars for your project? Jigsaw Capital is here to help, our wide range of event organizers offers any project owner a plethora of options in terms of event venue, event origin country, language used in the event itself and all other logistics which is involved in the event itself.

Our professional teams work around the clock to ensure that your events get executed flawlessly and with maximum efficiency.

Education Seminar In Singapore

Education seminar organized in conjunction with a local institution where
the chief trainer of the seminars was Japhet Lim.

Nanyang Technology

SGX Centre

Kembangan Community Club

Temasek Polytechnic

Yew Tee Community Club

Singapore Shopping Centre

Event In vietnam

Genesis C.A.T Meetup In Vietnam 2019

We are particularly strong in Event Management within the South East Asian region, particularly in Vietnam and Singapore. These events have been a very effective marketing tool for the projects that have previously worked with us. Our experience has indicated that the ability to knowledge share whilst applying a local touch typically resonates well with potential investors

Education Seminars in Cambodia

Even in Cambodia, Jigsaw Capital has shown its ability to gather crowds and reach out to the professionals on the ground to run roadshows and seminars. These seminars were organized in Siam Reap and Phnom Penh respectively.

Siem Reap

Phnom Penh Hotel

Phnom Penh Seminar

Legal Consultation for Security Token Offerings

If you have concerns over what is the correct marketing language to use for a STO, Jigsaw Capital is able to assist.

With our network of associated lawyers, we are more than capable of advising you of the necessary steps to take in your compliance procedures when doing a STO and the correct marketing angle to take in order to avoid any unnecessary brushes with the law.