About Us

We provide trusted advise and value-added services to your digital project’s needs.


Leveraging of our international experience and local market knowledge, we strive to provide you with services that are both comprehensive and tailored towards your specific project needs. In particular, we specialize in developing business strategies and providing up-to-date insights on current market conditions, with the current trending focus on a post-pandemic economy. With in depth economic analysis we will be able to offer you business the most viable and effective solution to increase productivity and efficiency which will bring about an increase in revenue.

Here at Jigsaw Capital, we work hand-in-hand with our partners to help champion the bold to achieve the extraordinary.


Our expert programmers can deploy smart contracts and program-customized chain solutions for the following protocols and fulfil other forms of programming needs:

  • Hyperledger Fabric (Private Chain)
  • Hyperledger Sawtooth (Permissioned Chain)
  • Ethereum (Program Customized Chains and Smart Contracts)
  • EOS (Program Customized Solutions)
  • Stellar (Program Customized Solutions)
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Website Development – Front-end, Member’s Area and Admin Panel
  • Artificial Intelligence Programming
  • AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) programming

As the trend of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) begins, and the amount of locked assets within DeFi has increased exponentially by 172 times since the beginning of 2020, Jigsaw Capital has poised itself by participating in this trend as well through specific projects. Talk to us to understand more. Watch out for our updates and latest news in this space.

Company Vision and Mission

We aim to help companies accelerate growth and development through comprehensive market insights coupled with digital innovation.

Our Strengths

Based in Singapore, but we work across the globe. We have presence in South East Asia, with strongholds in Singapore and Vietnam. Our expertise is in providing advise on digital solutions and developing strategies for enhanced market penetration and brand building. Our expertise also extends to implementation of Blockchain Technology and the development of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, customized to contain and analyse data stored on the Blockchain.

Our Services

At Jigsaw Capital, we pride ourselves with being able to cover the full suite of services you will need, be it your project’s market penetration, growth, technological/digitalisation, marketing and/or branding needs.


Blockchain Tech Implementation

Jigsaw Capital provides the infrastructure and skills necessary to take your organization to the next level via blockchain technology…


Enterprise Resource Planning System

Blockchain Technology is a way of organizing data but without a user interface , this way of organizing data cannot be presented…


Community Management

Our team of specialized community managers are based in Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. These community…


Public Relations Management

Crafting the perfect story and image for your project will go a long way towards capturing the right audience and ensuring that the…


In-Depth Economic Analysis

a) Market overview report

b) Competitor analysis

c) Cost saving measures


Technological Analysis and Upgrade

a) Website upgrade

b) Implementation of latest software

c) Increase of traffic flow


Marketing Campaign and Management

a) Social media creation and data analytics

b) Viral media

c) Client acquisition via social media marketing


We have put together a team of multi-level capabilities to ensure that we are able to guide you every step of the way towards successfully achieving your project needs. From successful business owners, experts in capital markets to former economic advisors from top consulting firms worldwide, our team here at Jigsaw Capital will help metamorphosise your company in a world of positive change.

Nicholas Soong
Co-Founder and Director

Nicholas has 6 years of experience specializing in investments, market research and economic advisory for policy,

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Ian Chew
Co-Founder and Director

Ian has 5 years of experience specializing in market penetration and strategic investments for the Oil and Gas industry.

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Japhet Lim
Head of Digital Development

Japhet is a Certified Blockchain Expert, which was an honour provided by the World Blockchain Council.

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